Connecting Alternative Data Sources

Today’s financial services firms - whether private equity, hedge funds, or investment banks - rely on alternative data to give their research an edge. When making strategic investment decisions, adding as much context as possible can make all the difference.

Alternative data sources are everywhere. Data scientists can now enrich their analyses with essentially any type of information relevant to a particular investment. Credit card transactions, customer profiles, and geospatial insights are all among the most popular types of data changing investment research.

But without an easy way to join these alternative datasets together, many data scientists spend 90% of their time munging data before even getting to an analysis. In the high stakes world of financial services, where every minute counts, that time lost can mean the difference between a good and bad investment decision.

Watch data experts from Placekey and SafeGraph as they discuss how Placekey’s growing partner network empowers data scientists to efficiently connect alternative data sources, like SafeGraph, for smarter investing.



Karissa Paddie

VP Corporate Strategy
@ SafeGraph

Ryan Chang

Director of Customer Success
@ SafeGraph
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Alternative Data

Bring unique insight to your analysis

Improve Forecasting

Use geospatial data to understand market indicators

Understand Risk

Identify opportunities for growth and areas of risk